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Master Made Feeds Services
Soil testing - $10
Free dog food delivery to Grapevine residents.
Delivery available on all other products.

No hassle delivery process. Simply call us and we'll get it to you!
At Master Made Feeds, we take care to provide our customers high quality services.

Our services include:
​Before you waste any more money of an ineffective fertilizer let us find out EXACTLY what your lawn needs. Every lawn is different, and our partners will find out what your soil has too little, or too much of. We can then recommend a specific plan to help your lawn reach its potential.
Hay Rental - for events/weddings/hayrides, etc

Having a hayride for Fall or Halloween? You can rent the hay for your event! 

Having an outdoor wedding and need haybales for seating? Contact us to rent the bales!  

Trapping Services

Need help trapping a live animal, we can help! 
Farm Fencing Available.

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