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Family Owned and Operated Since 1970
Whether you're dropping in for our award winning hay, familiar feed store smell, or just to see our cat, we aim to provide you and your animals with the best products and services.
Spring Planting:
Save on Hay!
News: Chickens!
‚ÄčChickens are in for the spring! We'll be getting multiple orders of chickens in throughout the spring. Most of the orders will consist of assorted heavy pullets. If you would like a specialty breed, we can try to order it for you.¬†
Pasture grazing for your livestock:
  • Pasture Mix (rye/wheat)
  • Spring Oats
  • Spring Rye
  • Plant now - Grows through June!
Primal Frozen Diets
  • Feed a biologically appropriate diet
  • Mimics your dog's natural food sources
  • Better health, softer coats, firmer stools